We offer a vast variety of services to solve your tax...

We offer a vast variety of services to solve your tax problem & our diagnosis is specific to a given tax circumstance. We are also known for our unique tax preparation & planning practices designed to meet the need of our clients.

Included with our tax preparation is a mid-year review and consultation on how to minimize taxes and minimize audit risk. If you are seeking representation with the IRS, we provide this also. Some of the many services we offer include:

  • Professional tax preparation and advice.
  • Mid-year review (included in preparation fee), in which our tax professionals assist in tax planning as the key to tax compliance and reducing tax liability.
  • Electronic filing – 1040, 1040X, 1120, 1020S, 1065, 940, and 990.
  • Consultations on how to adjust withholding to minimize taxes at the end of the year or to have more use of your money throughout the year.
  • Estimated payment calculations.
  • Advice on how to pay the lowest taxes possible – LEGALLY.
  • Suggestions on how to minimize your audit risk.
  • A tax newsletter, featuring the latest tax tips and tax law change information.
  • Tax planning to help you create a tax strategy that is suited to your unique situation.

IRS representation. An enrolled agent (EA) or certified public accountant (CPA) can assist you by providing counseling, negotiation, and representation for IRS, filing an extension, non-filed returns, and back taxes.